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Started in the year 1999 with great passion and commitment to quality we improvised Chennai’s favorite sandwich destination – Royal Sandwich in the name of Royal Sandwich. Serving more than 149 varieties of sandwiches at present we are also proud to introduce chocolate and banana sandwiches first time in India. With number of outlets in chennai at present we are proud to be people’s favorite destination for sandwiches.

The Sandwich – 1762

Acknowledging the fact that combinations of bread/pastry filled with meat or cheese and dressed with condiments have been enjoyed since ancient times, Food historians generally attribute the creation of the sandwich, as we know it today, to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. This Englishman was said to have been fond of gambling. As the story goes, in 1762, during a 24 hour gambling streak he instructed a cook to prepare his food in such a way that it would not interfere with his game.The cook presented him with sliced meat between two pieces of toast. Perfect! This meal required no utensils and could be eaten with one hand, leaving the other free to continue the game.

Club Sandwich – 1897

The oldest recipe we have for something called a club sandwich from a American print source was published in 1897.

Grilled Sandwich – 1920

Who invented the grilled cheese Americans know today? We will never know, but we can (given the ingredients) place it in time. Culinary evidence suggests our modern grilled cheese (consisting of processed cheese and sliced white bread) began in the 1920’s. That’s when affordable sliced bread and inexpensive American cheese hit the market. Government issue cookbooks tell us World War II Navy cooks broiled hundreds of “American cheese filling sandwiches” in ship’s kitchens. This makes sense. The sandwich was economical, easy to make, met government nutrition standards.

The Royal Sandwich – 1999

Royal Sandwich opens its first outlet at TTK Rd, Alwarpet on Royal Sandwich introduces chocolate and banana sandwiches in the Chennai City.

Inception of Choco Banana Sandwich – 2004

Royal Sandwich introduces Choco Banana Sandwiches first time in India. Royal Sandwich opens exclusive pure vegetarian outlet at TTK Rd,Alwarpet Chennai..

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